Lake Garda or Benaco is the largest Italian lake thanks to its surface area of 370 km². It is located between three regions (Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige) and is easily recognizable by its particular morphology. In the northernmost part it is very narrow, almost resembling a funnel, while in the south it opens in a semi-circular shape, surrounded by ancient morainic hills that soften the territory. Compared to the size of the lake surface, it has a limited catchment area and has all the characteristics of the Mediterranean scrub. It is visited every year by millions of tourists and, in recent years, several countries have been affected by this phenomenon and not only the classic German and Dutch guests, historical visitors of Lake Garda. The presence of hilly and mountainous reliefs allows numerous sports activities, in addition to those usually practicable on the surface of the water. From trekking to mountain biking and paragliding. Several of the lake's destinations are now known all over the world for their wellness centers, spas and also for their well-known golf courses. Also the food and wine sector is of particular importance. The lake fish, in its many species, goes perfectly with the wines of the territory, well known by tourists from all over the world. There are also very well equipped beaches accessible to all guests. Last but not least, it is important to remember that the lake’s geographical position allows you to reach cities of art such as Verona and Venice or shopping destinations such as Milan in very short travel times.

Specifically, the northern part of the lake is located in an area of alpine depression and is characterized by strong winds that ensure the sailing and wind-surfing in addition to the ban on motor navigation characteristic of this area. The lemon groves are another peculiarity of the northernmost part with their particular terrace layout. From Toscolano - Maderno to Gargnano, from Bogliaco to Campione, arriving at Riva del Garda which is the most extreme point.


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